You’ve got three chances to wow your attendees. The first impression is the website or advertising that tells them your event exists. The third impression is the event itself. And the second impression - the event registration page - has major middle-child syndrome. It’s needing some attention.I don’t think I’m being dramatic (But if I am… Hey! I’m a middle child myself. What did you expect?) when I say second impressions are crucial. They can solidify a great first impression or they could send someone’s high opinions crashing to the ground at warp speed.Registering for an event should be quick and easy. But if should also be fun! So here are a few tips for making your RedPodium page linger in your registrant’s minds… in a good way.

Start strong with a stunning image.

The very first thing a registrant will notice is how the form looks. Use color, shapes, graphics, bold lines, pictures of golden retriever puppies… whatever you need to do to capture your audience!

Snappa and Pexels are two of our favorite free resources for choosing stunning images and/or creating eye-catching graphics. But a word of warning - don’t do it yourself if you don’t already have a design eye. It’s worth spending some time and money to get it right.I mean, which of these events would you rather attend?


Hide a few surprises with actions.

Use our conditional logic to infuse some joy into the process. Here are a few of our favorite ways to do that…

  • When a registrant makes a selection, go over the top with thanks!
  • Bestow a free gift. Even a small gift can make a great impression.
  • Delight your sponsors with a response that’s custom for them.

  • Use a date-based action to share some joy and holiday spirit.

If seeing actions in action is stirring up some FOMO (fear of missing out), you can always sign up for your own Regfox or Redpodium page here.

Use unexpected lingo.

Registrants don’t take the time to read online directions, so be creative with your text. Use wording they don’t expect to capture their attention. Don’t be afraid of using a little humor, even in professional settings.


Also, help tips are a great way to do this! A little humor helps the help tip help them.


To sum it all up, the registration experience reflects who you are - good, bad or ugly. Filling out a form doesn’t have to suck if you invest the time to make it awesome.

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