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Hopin’s high fees are robbing event organizers of thousands of dollars better spent on their events.

RegFox is the better alternative to Hopin.

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Rated 4.8/5 - from over 500 reviews


Compare Hopin's Pricing to RegFox

RegFox's pricing is only $0.99 cents +1% per paid attendee.
When you switch to RegFox, you'll save thousands of dollars compared to Hopin.
Run the math below to see for yourself.
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RegFox Pricing is 1% + 0.99, capped at $4.99 per registrants
Average credit card fees are 2.99%. No contracts, no setup fees, no cancelation fees.
Hopin Pricing is 7% + 0.50 per registrants
Average credit card fees are 2.9% + $0.30. Hopin Starter is designed for 100 attendees or less. You'll pay $0.50 more per attendee if you exceed that.
Bottom line: using Hopin will cost you 293% more than if you used RegFox.

Total savings


/ year



every 5 years

Calculator based RegFox fees at 99 cents + 1% per attendee + standard credit card processing rates of 2.99%. Your rates may be even lower.


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Plan comparison


99¢ + 1% per attendee + 2.99% credit card fees

Hopin Starter

$99/month for 100 registrants

7% ticket commission (stripe fee not included)

50¢ price for each additional registrant.

Hopin Business

Business /Single Event or Annual starts at $6k per year
2% ticket commission
Custom price per add-on.

Customizable email invitations & lists


Registration types

Group registration

Offline payments



Conditional logic

Merchandise & product sales

Ambassador program

Charitable tax exempt value for items

Discount from social interactions

Social proof

Unlimited free admin accounts

Advanced analytics

Display Instagram feed on page

Ability to replace their logo with your own

Price Breakdown

The pricing speaks for itself. RegFox is far and away a more affordable alternative to Hopin.

99¢ + 1%

Per attendee

+ 2.99% credit card processing

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No contracts

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No annual fees

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No pre-payment of fees

$99/ month

Starting fee

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Unlimited admin accounts

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Custom emails

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Advanced analytics

Why choose RegFox over Hopin?

From a long list of fees to little branding control, Hopin comes with some baggage. Here's how RegFox compares.

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Rated 4.8/5 - from over 400 reviews
on and Capterra

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Hopin cost?

Hopin’s monthly Starter plan is $99/month while the annual Starter plan is $999/year. The monthly Growth plan is $799/month while the annual Growth plan is $8000/year. If you want to upgrade to the business plan, you’ll need to contact a rep.

How much does RegFox cost?

RegFox costs 99¢ + 1% per registrant plus credit card fees. Our pricing is clear, simple and affordable.

Does Hopin include unlimited admin options?

Unless you shell out the extra cash for the Business Plan, Hopin forces you to use their logo at the top of your registration page.

Does RegFox give unlimited admin options?

Yes. With RegFox, you can add as many users and admins to your account as you want…for free! 

How much branding autonomy will I have with Hopin?

Unless you pay extra for the Business Plan, Hopin forces you to use their logo at the top of your registration page.

How much branding autonomy will I have with RegFox?

At RegFox, we believe your event should be about you. You can design your page how you want it—and we won’t make you pay extra to be on brand.

Can Hopin do virtual events?

Yes, but their software is notoriously buggy. Some of their most recent reviewers on Capterra complained of buggy video conferencing software and a need to constantly refresh because of issues with audio and video.

Can RegFox do virtual events?

Yes! More than a million people have attended virtual events through RegFox, and we’re compatible with the world’s most popular video and live-streaming services. Reviewers on Capterra gave our live-streaming feature 5 stars.

Can Hopin do in person events?

Their Starter plan does not support an in-person event format. Unless you want to pay more for the Business plan, you'll have to stick to virtual events.

Can RegFox do in-person events?

Absolutely. Whether you're organizing a conference, camp, or class, RegFox allows you to gather your registrants in person with no extra fees.

What do the reviews say about Hopin compared to RegFox?

According to G2 reviews, when comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers preferred RegFox. Reviewers also felt that RegFox met the needs of their business better than Hopin.

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