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RegFox is the world's most customizable event registration software.
It's designed to help you do more than every before while saving thousands of dollars.

RegFox Is The Best Event Registration Software You've Never Heard Of

We're not offended you've never heard of us. Yet millions of people pass through our software and never realize it was us. Thousands of the most recognizable organizations in the world trust RegFox for their online registration needs.

Over $1 Billion Processed

Our software is designed to make you more money. It's so good at doing that, it's processed over a billion dollars for our customers.

Organizations everywhere are switching to RegFox for it's easy of use, customization and flexibility. Want a tour? Attend one of our demo's this week and ask your questions live!


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RegFox isn't just different, it's better.

The market offers a flood of copycat versions of the same thing. RegFox has the powerful features you want, at a price you won't believe. The result is making and keeping more money on events than ever before.


Total Branding Control

RegFox gives you complete total branding control over the entire registration experience. Everything from the registration page, confirmation, emails and even down to bank statements, the experience looks like you, not us.


Unmatched Flexibility

Every event has vastly different requirements for registration. Our feature set is not only powerful, its simple to use and completely customizable.


Instant Funding

Cash flow management is key to running a successful event. Most providers withhold your payouts until after your event. With RegFox you get access to your funds instantly with daily payouts.

Unmatched Features and Customization

Everything feature is designed to be customized according to how you want it done. Not some cookie cutter template set by us. The registration experience becomes exactly what you want it without compromise.

RealView Builder

RealView Builder

Build your registration form without any technical knowledge or web expertise. Get the exact registration experience you want.

Instant Funding

Instant Funding

Get access to your funds immediately with daily direct deposits of your revenue.

Badge Printing

Badge Printing

Print all badges for your attendees in a few clicks. Or do on site badge printing.

Branding Control

Complete control over the page branding, fonts colors and more.

Sell Merchandise

Sell Merchandise

Seamlessly sell products and merchandise within the registration experience.

Membership Management

Membership Management

Sell, validate, renew memberships and more.

Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic

Do the impossible with conditional logic and control every option and price dynamically.

40 Field Types

40 Field Types

Every conceivable option and field you need to run a successful event.

Instant Downloads

Instant Downloads

Export any of your data into excel on a moments notice with a single click.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Go beyond the like button with deep integrations like Tag your friends, Share and Save and more.

Check-In App

Check-In App

Checkin people faster than ever with our lightning fast check-in app with manual lookup.

Realtime Analytics

Realtime Analytics

Get incredible realtime insights into your event sales natively from one dashboard.

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What Our Customers Say

Don't just take our word for it. Our customers love RegFox.

I did quite a bit of research and was thrilled I found RegFox and could not be happier. I highly recommend them and it is by far the most affordable, high-quality, registration service out there.
Lisa Mitchell
The features make registration tracking easy and efficient while gathering the information YOU need through customizable pages. The drag and drop system is super easy to use and the prices are extremely competitive.
Kalyn HItt
The event was a smashing success. We redesigned the conference to meet our members’ and former attendees true needs, and they were thrilled. My experience with RegFox technical support was stellar.
Lisa Meddin

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