Enable Payment Plans For Your Next Event

Increase registrations and boost conversion rates by allowing registrants the option to pay with multiple payments. Simply define the split rules, set the deadline for final payment, and RegFox does the rest.

Configure your payment plan rules in seconds

With a few clicks you can easily configure the registration options field to allow payment plans. Then define the upfront deposit amount as a fixed dollar amount or percentage.

With RegFox, you can set different payment plan rules for each registration option you have.

Registrants can pay all up front or over time

When attendees choose a registration option, they will have the choice of paying the full amount up front, or splitting the cost up. Attendees using payment plans will place a card on file which will be used to collect the remaining balance.

Make progress payments and apply credits

Payments & credits made easy. With RegFox, you can make a progress payment using the card on file, a new card, or even apply a credit to offset the remaining balance.

Registrants can also make progress payments themselves against their outstanding balance with RegFox collecting the final amount on the due date using the card on file.

Crowd-sourced progress payments from friends and family

Registrants who utilize the payment plan feature can obtain a unique link to share with friends and family allowing anyone, anywhere, to make a payment towards their remaining balance.

Crowd-sourcing makes it easy and convenient for those needing some extra help.

Payment plans are just one reason why RegFox is the best event management software on the market today.

Flexible options

Enable payment plans on any number of registration option with varying rules and dates.

Easy progress payments

Manage progress payments, use new cards, and apply credits to offset balances.

Self service management

Allow registrants to login and view payment status, history, and make progress payments.

Automatically charge final balance

RegFox will automatically collect any remaining unpaid balance on the due date you set.

Email notifications

Easy email notifications for when payments are made and also decline.

Easy tracking and reporting

Simplified reporting and exports to see who has paid in full and who has not.

Join a RegFox Demo

Seeing is believing. Attend an on-demand demo and check out all RegFox can do. You’ll learn to use the event page builder, manage attendees, run reports, and more.

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