Make Data Driven Decisions With Realtime Analytics

Get ready for cutting edge analytics, data, and reporting. With RegFox, you'll have access to trends, summaries, insights, and conversions in real time.

Event analytics dashboard showing graph of sales and registrants over time on event management platform

Get crucial insights into your event's performance

RegFox delivers native reports and analytics for your event. Skip the excel downloads and see your data visualized beautifully in gorgeous graphs and charts.

Event analytics dashboard for conversion rate and sales from event management software
Event Performance Summary

Event Performance Summary

Inside your RegFox event analytics, we give you an snapshot of you event's performance including revenue, refunds, cancellations, registrants, traffic, and much more.

Visualize Sales and Web Traffic Together Over Time

With RegFox, you have all the visualizations and views that matter in one place including line charts that display your sales and website traffic over time. Adjust the time filters to revisualize your data according to weekly, monthly, yearly and lifetime periods.

Visualize Sales and Web Traffic Together Over Time
Registration Data Visualized

Registration Data Visualized

Every option, question, and datapoint from your event registration page is visualized for you you to see performance, revenue, and usage. RegFox even automatically shows you how many registrants are new vs returning and what kind of devices they are registering from. Every insight you need is at your fingertips.

Geolocation Heatmaps

RegFox generates geolocation maps of your visitors and registrants along with a top traffic source list so you can see your top performing sources and identify where your customers concentrations are.

Geolocation Heatmaps

Analytics are just one reason why RegFox is the best event management software on the market today.

Event Summary

An itemized summary of all the metrics and numbers you need to know about your event performance.

Detailed Breakdowns

Visualized and itemized breakdown of your event options and responses.

Conversion Rate Tracking

Track conversion rates natively without reliance on 3rd party tools or systems.

Geolocation Reports

Auto generated heat maps and showing the concentration of customers and visitors.

Join a RegFox Demo

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