Reimagine The Possibilities With Conditional Logic

With conditional logic actions, you can create powerful event registration pages that dynamically adjust based on conditions you set. Automatically change pricing, hide or show custom options, create custom registrant paths, and so much more.

Example demonstrating conditional logic showing a registration input field on an event page

Create custom registrant paths and workflows in seconds

Not every attendee should be asked the same questions. You need an event page that can adapt and require certain registration questions for some, while hiding them for others. RegFox's visibility actions make anything possible.

Set dynamic pricing rules

Experience the power and flexibility of dynamic pricing you can set and let run automatically. Set early bird discounts, late bird price increases, group discounts, even price changes based on remaining spots! The possibilities are endless.

Members only options and pricing discounts

Let RegFox ease the pain of members only pricing. With conditional logic actions, you can validate membership and then show members only options and pricing.

Supply based pricing rules

Adjust pricing automatically based on your available registration spots. Want to offer a 30% discount to the first 5 registrants? Easy. Want to increase the price 20% for the last 10? No problemo.

Conditional logic is just one reason why RegFox is the best event management software on the market today.

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Conditional visibility

Control the the visibility of any option, field, text, or graphic on your registration page.

Dynamic data capture

Require a different set of data depending on previous options.

Date base pricing rules

Create early bird discounts, late bird price increases, special flash sales, and anything around dates.

Group options and discounts

Automatically apply group discounts and set additional conditions for groups.

Registrant paths

Create custom attendee registration workflows based on their attendee type or option.

Membership rules

Apply memberships discounts, show members-only options, and more.

Join a RegFox Demo

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