Membership Management + Event Registration

Simple yet powerful, RegFox's membership management tools open up brand new possibilities for your events and members.

Sell, verify, and renew memberships

Streamline membership revenue when you create and control all your membership levels right within RegFox. Your attendees can buy new memberships, verify the status of an existing membership, or even renew an expired one.

Membership levels can auto-renew on the anniversary of purchase or set specific renewal dates during a calendar year.

Creating new membership level with event registration pages
Discounting event registration fees for active members

Apply discounts and reveal member-only options

During an event registration, RegFox's membership tool can apply discounts for valid members on registration levels, merchandise, add-ons, and anything else you can dream up.

Conditional logic can trigger special attendee paths for members that hide certain options and shows others. With RegFox, you can make the registration experience truly customized for your members.

Import your existing membership database into RegFox

Can't sell membership on RegFox but still want to verify memberships and offer discounts? No problem. Import your existing members directly into RegFox and presto, RegFox can validate members directly on your registration page.

Import upload window for importing memberships into event registration software
Forgot member number window on event registration software

Forgot member number service

Not every member will remember their member number or have it handy. For anyone who needs help, RegFox can send forgotten numbers directly to their inbox to receive all the member perks they expect.

Membership management is just one reason why RegFox is the best event management software today.

Member only price discounts

Honor membership discounts and incentives on your event registration pages.

Member only registration paths

Open up special members-only options, settings, and fields after members are validated.

Sell, verify, and renew memberships

Bring some or all of the your membership workflows onto your registration page.

Auto-renew memberships

Put membership payments on autopilot with RegFox membership auto-renew settings.

Flexible membership expiration settings

Set membership expirations on specific annual dates, or on any regular anniversary of purchase.

Import existing member databases

Import existing members from a CSV document and offer membership incentives with your event.

Join a RegFox Demo

Seeing is believing. Attend an on-demand demo and check out all RegFox can do. You’ll learn to use the event page builder, manage attendees, run reports, and more.

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