An efficient and successful registration is the first step for kicking off your event, conference, class, or camp. For your attendees, it’s imperative they have a smooth experience and a stellar first impression.

Event registration software can relieve you of the burden of having to juggle multiple tasks at once, but it’s crucial you make a software choice that fits your event needs and budget.

The wrong choice can leave event organizers drowning in steep fees, and attendees annoyed by a clunky interface—before the event even starts! This article will bring you from clutter to clarity and help you choose the best software for your event.

Before You Begin

Since each software option emphasizes different key features at varied price points, the specific needs of your event should direct your search. Before you start requesting quotes and running numbers, consider making a checklist with some key event information.

Beyond the big factors, such as budget and event size, think about what you want for your registration system, event website, social media integrations, attendee engagement, and check-in process.

Once you have a detailed event checklist by your side, you’re ready to dive into the pros and cons of nine of the most popular event registration software.

The 9 Best Event Registration Software Platforms

1. RegFox

RegFox is a versatile event registration platform that can power multiple types of events ranging from conferences and classes to camps. It’s easy to use, highly customizable, and incredibly affordable. In a nutshell, it does more and costs less.

To highlight some specifics, the “real view” page builder allows you to build a registration page without the complexity of coding that matches your event theme and brand. Thanks to the conditional logic tools available, you can customize the page to match multiple inputs, questions, selections, and more.

According to the software review site, G2, the highest-rated features for RegFox are onsite tickets and registration, and mobile registrations.


In addition to its impressive suite of features, the pricing of RegFox makes it even more appealing. If you’ve researched event registration software before, you’ve likely encountered not only sky-high fees but hidden fees—you know, the fees that are only revealed to you once you jump through some preliminary hoops, fill out a form, and add yet another meeting to your calendar. No thanks!

With RegFox, you will encounter no such hassles because the pricing model is simple and disclosed upfront. It’s a flat 99¢ + 1% fee per paid registrant, plus basic credit card processing of 2.99%. Fees are capped at $4.99 per registrant. That’s it.

Furthermore, RegFox enables event organizers to pass on these fees to attendees clearly and concisely, ensuring your company collects as much of the registration payment as possible.  

Experiment with RegFox’s price comparison tool to compare pricing versus other registration platforms. Click here to get started with RegFox.

2. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a versatile event technology platform equipped to handle a variety of event types, from concerts and conferences to fairs. With its all-in-one software, Eventbrite advertises a seamless registration experience for attendees.

The social media tools and registration data offer you an opportunity to market and grow your audience with ease. Its highest-rated features on G2 are mobile check-in (3% above average) and event creation (average).

Eventbrite is free for free events, but the charges start stacking up as soon as you add a price tag to your registration. The price per registration is 3.5% of the registration price + $1.59. For a $1,000 registration, this looks like $36.59/per registration.

If you, like many event organizers, find this fee prohibitive, don’t hold your breath and wait for a price drop; the fees have been consistently increasing.

See how RegFox compares to Eventbrite here.

3. Cvent

Cvent is another all-in-one event platform with the ability to manage many event types. For event registration, Cvent’s offer emphasizes customizability by allowing you to personally brand your event website, and customize the attendee experience.

They also offer marketing tools, CRM, data analytics, and an easy-to-use page builder. In 2022, Cvent scored as a top performer on Capterra’s Event Management Software shortlist.

While Cvent boasts a lengthy list of features, it’s worth noting that even its highest-rated features still fall below average on G2. Check out the statistics from the reviewers, below.

+ Mobile check-in: -2% below average

+ On-site tickets and registration: -2% below average

+ Payment processing: -4% below average

Cvent discloses minimal information about its pricing upfront, which is often a bad sign. Contact support if you are interested in a specific quote.

See how RegFox compares to Cvent here.

4. RSVPify

RSVPify is a cloud-based, enterprise-grade software, ideal for business and large-scale events. From start to finish, RSVPify will help you organize and manage all the tasks in your event registration.

The automated confirmation and reminder emails ensure efficiency, while their customizable platform and personalized data collection allow you to tailor the registration to your event. Other features include guest list management, drag-and-drop seating charts, email invitations, and full event website creation.

+ 1.95% + $.90 per registration

+ Credit card processing fees are separate and based on your selected payment processor.

+ Personal events (weddings, birthdays, etc) - $19/month (flat rate).

+ Business and nonprofit - starts at $39/month

+ Enterprise (large scale events)- Starts at 5,988/Year

5. Bizzabo

The Event Management platform, Bizzabo, emphasizes a data-driven experience with a modern feel. Event creation is its highest-rated feature on G2, and, according to the Bizzabo website, they are “the only end-to-end operating system built for event organizers and their B2B marketing peers at mid-market and enterprise companies.”

Bizabo handles online, in-person, and hybrid events with software that is both customizable and embeddable—meaning attendees can register without even leaving the event website—and offers integrations with various social media platforms.

Prices are varied and undisclosed. Reach out to the team for a quote.

6. Splash

Splash is predominantly an event marketing tool, although it also has capabilities for check-in and registration. If your main focus is event marketing, Splash might be a good match for your event.

Some of its features, such as shareable registration confirmation cards, can benefit your marketing efforts. Splash also offers check-in, registration availability control, customizable web pages, and integrations with Zapier.

That said, if marketing is not a top priority, Splash might not be the right fit. It lacks some key features that other event registration software provide (such as a networking tool), and it can end up being more expensive as your event size starts to grow.

+ Service fee - 1.6% + 49¢ per registration.

+ Service fee for paid plans - 1.25% + 49¢ per registration.

+ The default Splash merchant fee (through Stripe) - 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

7. Swoogo

The Swoogo event management platform emphasizes functionality, simplicity, and, most especially, customizability. With the promising tagline Event Registration Without Limits, they deliver in the event registration category by providing unlimited conditional logic, and, consequently, the ability for each customer to have a unique journey.

With customized reporting, flexible timelines, and design control in branding, Swoogo allows you to create the event you want on your terms. Swoogo’s event creation feature is rated 5% above average on G2.

+ 1 user - $9800/year

+ 3 users - $15,000/year

8. Webex (formerly Socio)

While Webex can power all types of events, they really shine in the virtual space. No more zoom rooms full of bored faces and glazed eyes. With Webex, you can keep the audience engaged with interactive Q&A, games, polls, and HD live streams.

For the registration component, event organizers have the benefit of freedom and customizability. You have the option to automate the process or keep a close eye on all the small details. You can set approval rules for registrants and customize the registration form to match your brand.

Webex also allows for seamless data capture without importing a spreadsheet. From guest list management to discount management, the list of provided features is lengthy.


+ Meet plan - $13.50

+ Meet and call - $20/user per month.

+ For additional price quotes on registration, email a rep.

9. Whova

A cloud-based, all-in-one, event management software, Whova offers a suite of features that help event organizers maximize efficiency and save time. Examples of some of their helpful features include contactless check-in, codeless webpage creation, and a single dashboard for setting up the event registration function.

On G2, Whova earned solid reviews in the Event Agenda and Schedules category, as well as Networking. The repeat favorite, however, seems to be their award-winning mobile app, which generates audience engagement and sparks networking opportunities.

+ 2.5% + 99¢ per registration

+ Registration fee for 500 registrants at $1000/registration: $12,995

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