Smash Onsite Sales Records with Mobile Pay Pass

Did you know cashless payment systems have been shown to increase onsite sales by 30%?

With Mobile Pay Pass, and a personal QR code, each registrant can complete their onsite purchases in seconds. On-site cashless payments have never been easier!

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No More Hassles Onsite

Whether you sell products, merchandise, or experiences, hassles can come with onsite vending. No registrant wants to be standing in line for the kiosk when they could be gleaning insights from their favorite guest speaker.

It's time to say goodbye to complicated purchasing apps. Enabling Mobile Pay Pass is a cinch. Once you toggle the switch, your registrants get an invitation to activate. They can start purchasing as soon as the QR code links to their card on file.

Simple Sales Tracking

Getting clear on your sales stats can be incredibly helpful for future event planning. Mobile Pay Pass will keep track of sales by cashier and device. All you need to do is sync the app key and complete a simple setup process.

Build Itemized Orders

With the Mobile Pay Pass app, you can create an appealing onsite catalog with an unlimited number of products and services. As soon as you specify the price, fee, and tax amount, your registrants can start stacking their online carts with everything from camp sweatshirts to backstage passes.

Quick Checkout

Gone are the days of one registrant holding up the line as they search their pockets for cash. With Mobile Pay Pass, you’ll scan the registrants QR code, they’ll enter their 4-digit pin, and just like that, their card is charged.

Mobile Pay Pass makes breaking on-site sales records easier than getting wet in a swimming pool!  Click here to watch a demo and get started with Mobile Pay Pass today.

Regfox's Mobile Pay Pass is just one reason why RegFox is the best event management software on the market today.

Easy to enable

Setup is simple. All you have to do is toggle the switch.

Simple sales tracking

Keep track of what's working and what's not by tracking each cashier and device.

Less onsite hassles

Say goodbye to long lines and lost paper tickets.

Quick checkout

All it takes is a 4 digit pin, and their card is charged.

Build itemized orders

Create your onsite catalog with an unlimited number of products and services.

Increase sales

Cashless payment systems increase onsite sales by 30%.

Join a RegFox Demo

Seeing is believing. Attend an on-demand demo and check out all RegFox can do. You’ll learn to use the event page builder, manage attendees, run reports, and more.

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