Are you looking to reduce refunds and increase revenue for your event? Of course you are. 

One great way to drive extra dollars at your next event is with RegFox’s Purchase Protection.

What is Purchase Protection?

Life happens, and sometimes an attendee isn’t able to make your event. Rather than deal with the tricky dance of refunds or cancellations - enable Purchase Protection to remove all the guesswork. 

Purchase Protection is an optional service for your attendees where they can upgrade their order and become eligible for a full refund should they have to cancel. But here’s the great part….We’ll provide the refund, not you. 

Similar to trip protection when you purchase airline flights, Purchase Protection is not insurance. It's an optional service giving your attendees peace of mind while you make a little extra on each registration. Pretty cool eh?!  

Wanna learn more? Check out and enable Purchase Protection on your registration page

It’s free to add and we’ll handle all the claims, payouts, and headaches. 

Here to help you host your best event ever!