Drive Record Sales With Email Drip Campaigns

Did you know that the best digital marketers use email drip campaigns as one of their primary sales strategies? Drip campaigns are a sequence of emails that automatically get sent to a targeted list.

With RegFox, you can create high-converting email drip campaigns to sell registrations and set new records.

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Create High Converting Email Campaigns to Drive Sales

Whether you want to launch a pre-season sale for past registrants, announce a week-long promotion, or run a last-minute deal, email drip campaigns are a powerful way to boost event registration sales.

Schedule your pre-written emails to get progressively sent to your email list, and when someone makes a purchase, they'll be removed from remaining emails in the sequence. Make sure to update your offer and continue building a sense of urgency with the remaining emails.

Send to Past Registrants or an Imported List

As you build an email drip campaign for your event, you can target  past registrants from previous events with just a few clicks. If you already have an existing email database (from Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Quickbooks etc) exporting the list into RegFox is a quick and simple process.

Perfectly Timed Delivery

Part of what makes an email drip campaign effective is nailing the timing of each email. As you set up each email, be strategic about both the delivery time and the delay between emails.  As the sequence progresses, you can make changes in the offer or timing.

Once you've written your sequence of emails, all that's left to do is set it and forget it. RegFox will automatically send the emails at your pre-set interval.  

Performance Insights and Analytics

With automatic tracking of your registration sales and revenue, RegFox leads the event industry in email drip systems. No other drip email system gives you this kind of insight into your event revenue without third party integrations or external tools

In addition to tracking the overall performance of your email drip campaign, RegFox also gives you visibility into the conversions of each individual email.  You can take these insights to test your content, subject lines, delays, timing and more. Click here to watch a demo.

RegFox's email automation is just one reason why RegFox is the best event management software on the market today.

Drive registration sales

Email drip campaigns for events are incredibly powerful to sell registrations for your event.

Send to past registrants

Target past registrants from past events with just a few clicks

Simple email list import

Already have an existing email database? No problem. The import process is quick and easy.

Set it and forget it

Emails send automatically at the time interval you choose.

Perfectly timed delivery

Nail the timing and the delay between emails.

Performance insights and analytics

RegFox natively tracks event registration and revenue.

Join a RegFox Demo

Seeing is believing. Attend an on-demand demo and check out all RegFox can do. You’ll learn to use the event page builder, manage attendees, run reports, and more.

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