You've created an awesome event; it’s creative, fresh, exciting, fun and well thought out. So, what makes it different than the other hundreds of events out there that your attendees could participate in? You may know exactly what it is that makes your event different; but how do you communicate that and how do you make people care?

Consider those episodes of The Home Shopping Network, or those late night infomercials that draw you in. Even though you had no desire of purchasing a Snuggie or Shamwow, just moments before landing on that channel, you somehow find yourself picking up the phone to make that purchase. You can’t deny it, these infomercials know how to sell, market and captivate their customers! We found our own team contemplating how they do this so well, and how may our clients apply their methods to their industry.

Here are some of the methods we found infomercials and shopping networks use and here’s why we suggest you give them a try.

Know the Need

When flipping through the channels and you land on an infomercial that captures your attention, you stop on that channel because they are addressing a need. This need may be the one solution you have dreamt of, since you have never been provided with one that worked before. They meet you where you currently are and somehow get you to say “Ah I have always been so frustrated with x, y and z”. This makes the item you’ve just stumbled upon feel like a novelty that you must get for yourself.

The same is true for your event. It’s important you are providing the solution to a need, want or desire through the means of your event. It is important you make it clear what this is when you are marketing. Are there runners looking for a particular mud run that they haven’t done before? Or have they run a half dozen marathons but are looking for an event to participate in to help them in their training? These are a couple questions to ask yourself. Hone in on this need, want or desire, and relate to your attendees need.

Address Your Audience

These infomercials and home shopping channels not only know their demographic like the back of their hand but they also target their audience when they are most likely sitting down to watch TV for the day.

It’s important you thoroughly know the demographic you are trying trying to reach. This can easily be done by capturing additional information from attendees as they complete a transaction through our software. As you learn more about your demographic, imagine yourself in their shoes; when and how would be the best way to capture their attention about your event.

Provide the Solution

Now that you have addressed the need, it’s time to provide and present the solution. Like these infomercials and shopping channels, you have made the need clear but now it’s time to provide the solution. After an infomercial has gotten you on board, frustrated that there has never been a answer to your absorbent towel prayers, they swoop right in and have you praising the heavens for their great fix! And you’re thinking this is just the solution I have been looking for! You have to do the same for your potential registrants! Provide them with the event they have been looking for and clearly market it. Show them right away what makes your solution different and why it’s the solution they’ve been looking for.

Create Urgency

Finally create a sense of urgency! These infomercials and shopping networks know that people will act on the fear of missing out. So they will say things like “If you act today, you can get TWO for the price of ONE!” You can do this by offering early bird pricing. For purchasing their tickets early, they get in on special affordable pricing. Also, don’t hesitate to sell based off the momentum. I can practically hear the infomercial saying “These babies are selling like hotcakes! We have already sold 300! We only have 200 available at this price today.” You can do this too by selling momentum to tell them how many people have registered for the event. If you want, you can even let them know how many spots are still available. Or try offering free gifts with registration. Who doesn’t love to get a free gift? Offer a free t-shirt or drink with the purchase of their entry.

I know it sounds bizarre to take methods from infomercials and shopping networks but you can’t deny it, their methods work and there is something to learn from their incredible success. Try some of these methods out and let us know how they worked out for you! We have no doubt that applying at least one or more of these methods will increase your sales.