Membership Manager is nothing short of a game changer for people putting on great events. Here at Webconnex we are constantly building really awesome features. One of those feature is called Membership Manager. We think it will not only help tons of event planners who need a membership database, but also help event planners in general make more, keep more, and retain customers.

The Membership Manager has a wide range of features to help keep your customers happy, and stay with you longer. Here are 5 features on Membership Manager that will help you retain customers!

1.  Multiple Membership Levels

Membership Manager doesn’t just limit you to one membership type. We know there many different scenarios to meet, and one level can’t fit all sizes. With that in mind we designed  multiple membership levels to be within one form. This allows you to do a couple things.

  • Create multiple memberships to be validated on one form.
  • Use our actions to create extra discounts on specific ticket levels and on merchandise within the form.
  • Have as many levels as needed to create custom solutions for your customers.

2.  Renew, Verify and More

Rather than just renew, we created a way for people to purchase, verify, and renew. This allows you to let your customers do all of those just within that one form!

  • Renew: Customers can be retained by easily renewing their membership on a form.
  • Verify: Current active members can verify their membership so they can receive extra discounts you set, or be apart of member only events.
  • Purchase: Are they not your customer yet? No problem! Purchase creates an easy path for new customers to purchase a membership from you.

3.  Auto-Renew

You now have the power to set memberships to auto-renew. By taking one thing to remember off your customers plates, you are making their lives easier and keeping more memberships active. Auto-Renew is an incredible feature for retaining customers. This will allow you to set an option up that gives your customer one less thing to worry about when supporting your business. Come time for renewal, our system will automatically charge the customer the amount for the membership. It will keep you and your customers happy!

4.  Actions based on Membership

We’ve talked multiple times on how actions are a powerful tool. They allow you to do almost anything on your form. In the same vein, actions will allow you to do incredible things within membership to keep customers happy. Let's say you have memberships based on three tiers: Gold, Silver, Bronze. With actions you can tell that when someone verifies they have a Bronze membership to simply allow them to complete the form. Then if they are a Silver membership, you could allow them to get a free hat.

Finally let's say you LOVE your Gold members, so for them you can trigger a nice discount on the registration options they have. Yep, you can do that as well. Actions will be the big groundbreaking feature that can help incentivize people to not only keep their memberships, but even upgrade them with all the perks you can give!

5.  Renewal Intervals

If you haven’t caught on yet, we don’t believe in one size fits all. We want you, when using RegFox, to have all the flexibility you can get. So with that, we didn’t just create one renewal timeframe. We threw as many ideas together as we could. We designed monthly memberships, quarterly renewals, bi-yearly, and even yearly memberships! Again, having your customers (if applicable) purchase a yearly membership will help that customer stay with you even longer! You can even delay your renewal date as well!

Let's say you want to get a head start on 2021 memberships near the end of 2020, you can delay the first renewal date to Dec. 21st 2020, versus whatever the yearly interval would have been.Membership manager is a feature we’ve put a lot of love into. Those 5 abilities are merely touching the surface of what it can do! We can’t wait for you to try it out, and to retain your happy customers even longer!

Check out our Help Article on Membership Manger to see a short video of the feature in action with other pro tips.