Most event organizers don’t realize that their online registration page is a gold mine of potential revenue. Though the goal of your page is for people to purchase registration to your event, this is a prime time to offer additional perks that increase your bottom line. Your registrants already have their credit card pulled out and are ready to pay for the experience; now you might as well provide additional opportunities to not only increase your total revenue but also enhance the registrant's experience.

Here are 5 actionable items to add to your registration page that will increase your revenue before they even click "Submit" to checkout:

  1. SWAG -  Since people already have their credit card pulled out to pay for the event, this is the perfect moment to have merchandise offered on your page. This gives them the opportunity to add a t-shirt or sweatshirt to their order with a simple click of the button. Not only does this add to your revenue, it also gets them pumped for your event. They can pick up the swag at the event or have it shipped to them so that they can wear it to the event. Either way, purchasing swag connects your customers to the experience and adds to your pocket.
  2. REGISTRATION TYPES -  When you have only one registration type, you miss out on the niche of people who are willing to pay extra for additional types of registrations. Offer a group or table registration type this can increase the number of people that participate in your event and as a result increase your total revenue in the long run.
  3. OPTIONAL DONATION -  Most event promoters don’t realize the power of having a simple optional donation field on your ticket page. This can be a donation to help another sponsor or partner organization or it can be a donation to help your own organization. Since their card is already out, and people usually want to help, if given the opportunity to donate (easily) they may throw a few extra bucks into their order.
  4. PERKS -  Providing optional add-ons give the registrant another level of experience with your event. Offering a registrant a training program or paying for an earlier start time are just a few things your registrants would be willing to pay a few extra dollars for. Other perks could be package add-ons that include free swag or drinks at the event. These features give the registrant the opportunity to become more engaged at the event, making them more of a participant rather than just an attendee while simultaneously increasing your revenue.
  5. PRICING PROMOTIONS -  Various price promotions help generate demand. One of the most common pricing promotions that help drive revenue is the early bird pricing. This not only helps drive sales early on, but more people will jump on board because of the limited time with the lower price. Having other time or supply limited promotions like a 24 hour buy one get one promotion, or giving a free t-shirt when a second registration is purchased, help not only increase attendance but alongside these additional revenue-driving pieces, will only drive your revenue through the roof.

Feel free to take our advice and add these ideas to your page, then simply sit back and watch the money roll in. You’ll wonder why you never thought to do this before!