As our most flexible product, RegFox allows thousands of companies and organizations to do more, make more and keep more. It wasn’t until about a year ago that we noticed a new trend in the use of our software. We noticed more and more photographers were using RegFox for sign-up and payment for their holiday mini sessions, regular sessions, and workshops.

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A few weeks back I asked one of our most successful photographers, Mindy Larson how she found RegFox and what drew her to us. She mentioned that she had sifted through almost every event software her Google search presented her with and stumbled upon us in the mix. She said her solution before was free but left her limited. Mindy was also weary about using a registration software that was outside of her client database but she said,

“RegFox solved these issues and also sold me on the value, ease of use, branding options, mobile interface, and adaptability.”

As a photographer scheduling photography sessions in RegFox, Mindy is able to create multiple days, different locations, add coupons, properly charge tax, create add-ons, run reports and then automatically get the money deposited into her account when transactions start rolling in. All of this is possible at a much more affordable price than the other solutions she found. She said, “I especially love that I don’t pay for something I’m not using every month”. No contracts and no monthly fees are a beautiful thing for photographers who's need for sign-ups vary throughout the year.

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She found that once a form was set up in our software, everything was automated and all she had to do was sit and watch her event fill up and print an export the day before the date of the event. All in all, Mindy had some of the kindest words to share about her experience using RegFox as a photographer so I’ll leave the rest to her.

“This software has been absolutely perfect for my mini sessions and I’ve been recommending it in all my photographer groups. Now if only my editing was this streamlined!”