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Say hello to check-in bliss

Sync our checkin app to your account and within seconds all your event data is in the palm of your hand. Our app syncs across multiple devices and is easy enough for even your grandma to use.

All your attendee data at your fingertips

Scan, lookup and checkin attendees and groups with just a few glorious taps of the screen. You might cry tears of joy.

Built with you in mind

Every feature of the check-in app was designed to make check-in delightfully simple and fast.

Barcode Scanning

Scan the smartphone screen or printed confirmation of each attendee to quickly flash their record.

Manual Lookup

Not everyone knows to bring their confirmation. We got you covered with a fast manual lookup.

Check-In Progress

Know exactly how many people have checked in and how many remain in real time.

Syncs With Sales

Keep taking sales even on the day of the event knowing their records will be in your scanners in minutes.

Lightning Fast

From scanning, to lookup to check-in, the app is quick from start to finish.

Group Check-In

For groups and teams, see all related attendees instantly for rapid check-in.

Multi-Device Sync

Enjoy warp speed checkin with multiple device scanning. Each device stays in sync at all times.

Beautifully Intuitive

No training needed to use the app. It's so intuitive, you can trust the lowest tech savvy person to use it right.

Fraud Detection

If any duplicate or fraudulent attendees show up, you'll catch them red handed instantly.
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