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Control the entire brand experience on your event registration page

RegFox event registration pages are completely customizable to match your branding. In other words, your event registration pages look like you, not us.

Registration pages that feature your brand

Maintain a consistent branding experience from your website to your registration pages with our unmatched design customization. No one will ever know it was us behind the scenes.

Powerful design controls, no nerds required

You don't have to be a graphic designer or programmer to make your event registration page look good. With RegFox, all the design controls you want and need are at your fingertips with zero technical knowledge required.

Thousands of free images

Tens of thousands of images, patterns, and textures for free.

Custom fonts

Huge variety of fonts including the most popular Google Fonts.

Masthead graphic

Set a hero masthead image to go across the top of your page.

Background images

Set a page background image, pattern or texture.

Embeddable videos

Include Youtube and Vimeo videos on your page.

HTML & CSS control

Control the entire page layout and look with CSS styles.
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