While Summer is beginning to wind down and the smell of pumpkin spice is headed our way, the heat is not letting up here at RegFox. 

Today we’re sharing 4 smokin' hot new and updated features designed to help you increase revenue, save time, and elevate your visitor experience.

Let's dive in.

1: Get Your Event Listed in Google Events

We call this feature, Google’s Event Discovery. It will list your event in Google anytime someone searches for events near them or searches a local city. In short, we team up with Google’s search backend to showcase and market your event in this directory for you all for free. 

With a few pieces of information, your organic sales will skyrocket faster than congressman’s latest lucky stock pick. Learn how to set this up here.

2. Manual Entry Registration 

This feature has been requested for a LONG time and we are pleased to get the first iteration out for you. With Manual Entry Registration, you can manually sign up any registrant to a page from the admin interface without having to use your published page. 

Even better than that, you can manually register any past attendee to a new registration page and reference their past cards on file. This is especially useful for transfers, cancellations and rebookings – or when you just want to give someone the VIP treatment. Learn more about this feature here.

3. Mobile Pay Pass Official Release

A few months back we announced and offered early access to our new feature Mobile Pay Pass. This is a new innovative feature for contactless/cashless payments that is now available to activate in your account today!

This feature will use an attendees registration QR to make purchases on-site. Use our mobile POS app to build an order for products, merchandise, or experiences on-site, and then take payment by scanning an attendees QR code on their registration. Learn more about this game changing feature here!

4.Improved Page Styles 

Our design team spent the past few months updating and polishing styles of RegFox pages to be more uniform and consistent. That means your pages have a more refined and polished look. 

Why did we spend time on this? 

Studies show that almost 50% of people consider the professionalism of your brand and page before making a purchase. With this mini makeover, your pages are looking better than ever! 

If you need anything at all or have questions, please reach out to us. We’re here to help you host your most successful event ever!