Today we bring you some exciting news about the release of a feature that has been in the works for a very long time.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve released our new Email Automations feature, which could be one of the best tools ever to increase sales and attendance for your event.

Email marketing continues to prove to be the #1 ROI sales channel for many industries. The game-changing feature with our Email Automations, is the ability to create "Drip Campaigns" -- which are the secret weapon of many digital marketers.

What are drip email campaigns?

Drip campaigns are a series of pre-written emails scheduled to be sent over several days (or even weeks) designed to get people to register for your event (think like a dripping faucet, but in a good way). Then when someone registers for your event, they are automatically removed from the remaining emails in the sequence.

I show how it all works below! 👇

When using email marketing and automations like drip campaigns for your event, usually you have to combine several expensive services together to make it happen. And even then you don’t get real visibility into registration sales and revenue.

That all ends today.

Not only does RegFox offer all the email marketing functionality to create and schedule drip campaigns, we can report back the actual sales revenue and registrations sold from each email.

I’ve included a screenshot below.

With email drip campaigns RegFox hopes to help you boost event sales, keep your attendees informed, and elevate your overall attendee experience.

We hope you are already seeing the amazing potential here for your own event.

So go ahead and jump into your account and start creating and sending email drip campaigns.

A Few Answers to Common Questions

1: Can I import a list from Constant Contact or Mailchimp?

Absolutely. When creating a new email drip campaign you can choose to target any number of past attendees from previous events or paste in a list from other email tools you’ve used in the past or from your customer email database. RegFox will track the sales progress for all recipients as the sequence sends.

2: What does the email automation feature cost?

The email automation feature is an optional add-on to your RegFox account and costs just $9 a month + $0.02 per email recipient. If you don’t want to use the email automation feature with drip campaigns but just want to send out the occasional email blast, it is only $0.02 per email recipient whenever you send and no monthly fee.

And remember, your standard email confirmations for registrant and event reminder emails are completely free with RegFox and this new feature is separate from those emails.

3: Does this replace my existing email tools?

It’s totally up to you. We happily play nice with dozens of email services through our integration with Zapier. It all depends on your needs.

Our email tools are designed to send high-converting emails that will drive sales and attendance. Because of that, we may not have some of the visual design tools such as columns and sidebars, which are common when sending newsletters.

4: What can we expect for future enhancements to email automations?

We have a lot more planned - especially with our CRM that will be bringing in insights to your attendees so you can categorize and segment attendees through data enrichment. With these planned updates you’ll be able to send highly targeted emails very soon.

We have other automation features planned, but my attorney is giving me the side eye right now and won’t let me say anymore.

If you have more questions, take a peek at our handy help article on email automations or reach out with your questions and we’ll get back to you!

We can’t wait to see you use this feature to help you generate registration sales, keep your attendees informed, and elevate your attendee experience.