Imagine a beautiful wine vineyard on a Napa Valley hillside. At some point, someone looked upon an unkempt hill and first had to imagine the vineyard: the type of grapes to be grown, the perfect placement of the vine orchards, the irrigation system. Then when the ideas were solidified came the actual laboring to make that vision a reality.

There is a fundamental correlation between the goals you set on social media and the daily work you invest in your social media accounts to reach those goals.

In our previous post we went over how to kickstart your social media accounts, but now it is time to dive a bit deeper into some effective action steps you can take to reach your social media goals!Three example Goals and Respective Action Steps:If your social media goal is: focused on growing your followers and brand awareness

With this goal there are three fundamental elements you will want to focus on:

  • Focusing on stellar original content creation revolving around photo and video media. This will get you the interactions and shares that you will need to help gain organic growth.

Think of this original content as storytelling for your brand. You are trying to create a narrative for the journey your brand is on and inviting others along for the ride.

  • Ad creation to garner account/brand attention.
  • Following & engaging your target audience on social platforms for boosted growth.

If your social media goal is: creating a new social sales funnel and lead generationI will first start off by saying that social sales do work. I have personally seen it first hand generate an entirely new sales funnel to drive revenue. If this is your long term goal, your social media strategy will want to focus on:

  • Highly polished original content geared towards marketing your brand/products. Social marketing is not entirely different than traditional marketing: just be aware that the attention span on social media is very short. It often bodes well for brands who keep their social marketing short and sweet.
  • You will want to heavily utilize links to specific landing pages and sales websites regarding your brand/products. This is greatly underutilized by brands as links to landing pages is very easy for your IT department to get analytical data on the metrics of clicks. You need to know where your company sees the most success to know how to get the best ROI; the analytics will provide this to you.

Remember there is nothing wrong with trying many different avenues in the early stages. Empirical data based on the different elements that were experimented with will only give you more concrete evidence showing the best methods to get the most ROI.

  • Generating social media Ads on the platforms that have the highest ROI. This will be similar to the first point: attention spans are short, make sure your social Ads accommodate to this.

If your social media goal is: boosting website & blog related trafficThis is the most straightforward of the three examples.

  • You will want to heavily focus on content creation and curation. Be sure to provide links to the website or blog that you want to increase!
  • Generate website traffic leads: have posts geared more toward your brand and problems that can be solved by going to your website.
  • Increase blog related traffic: utilize video media that is personalized for you. I would strongly suggest being on Instagram and spend the time polishing the Instagram Stories section of that channel. Provide a short video teaser of what can be found in the blog.
  • Regarding any written content to increase blog traffic: use quotes from your writing or any curated content that is inspiring and will also be engaging for your audience. Make sure you spend the time interacting as quickly as you can with anyone who engages you on social media channels!

There are other dynamics you can utilize to help develop a robust social media strategy. Here are some specific ideas of what you can incorporate if you're ready for the next level, advanced social strategy implementations. You can snag this free download here!

Let us know how you're doing with reaching your Social Media goals in the comment's below. We'd love to hear from you.