Our #1 goal here at RegFox is to help you host your most successful event ever. One of the things that stands in the way is costly refunds, chargebacks, and low conversion rates.

As sure as a Prius driving slowly in the fast lane when you're running late, you'll assuredly have attendees who will have unexpected circumstances that keep them from attending your event -- and ultimately seeking you for a refund.

Today's consumers are accustomed to the ability to protect their purchase whether it be hotels, airline tickets, and now, events. At RegFox, we developed our own solution called Purchase Protection and millions of attendees have used it to protect tens of millions of dollars in event registrations.

If you haven't seen our funny explainer video, give it a watch here and get ready to have a few laughs as you learn about Purchase Protection.

Over the past 4 years, the data is conclusive: Purchase Protection increases conversion rates, reduces chargebacks, increases profitability, and nearly eliminates costly refunds.

The best part is Purchase Protection is 100% free for events to use. The service is paid for by a small fee paid by attendees who opt to add it to their registration.

Wondering if Purchase Protection is right for your event?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Would you love to avoid paying out refunds to attendees who have an unforeseen circumstance?
  • Would you love to increase conversion rates on your registration page?
  • Would you love to reduce or nearly eliminate chargebacks on your event?
  • Would you love more of your attendees to register earlier for your event?
  • Would you love to be able to enforce a stricter no refund policy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Purchase Protection is the solution.

Purchase Protection is absolutely free for you to use and takes just 2 clicks to add to your event. Any attendee who wishes to protect their registration can add Purchase Protection for a small one-time fee (charged separately after confirmation). Then, should the unexpected happen, they are eligible to receive a full refund for the price of their registration for any qualifying circumstance that prohibits them from attending your event.

Purchase Protection covers sudden illness, death in the family, Covid-19, crime, transportation failure, property damage, and so much more. Give our full terms and conditions a read here.

The best part is, all claims for refunds are paid out directly by Purchase Protection (not you) allowing you to increase your net revenue by thousands of dollars.

Here are the top 5 reasons events just like yours use and love Purchase Protection.

1. Increased Revenue

Not only does Purchase Protection help reduce the financial impact of cancellations, but it enables you to make more revenue with each registration as well.

In our top 100 events using Purchase Protection, we’ve seen a 30% reduction in chargebacks and a 40% reduction in revenue lost due to chargebacks

This means you can offer more value to your attendees while keeping your event revenue stable and predictable. This also means you can enforce a no refund policy, except for those attendees who upgrade to Purchase Protection. 

Plus, did we mention Purchase Protection comes at no additional cost to you? 

2. Comprehensive Coverage for Attendees

Similar to trip protection when buying a flight, Purchase Protection offers attendees peace of mind. If someone gets sick, is delayed in transit, or is called into work at the last minute, they’re covered, and their order is protected. 

Purchase Protection can also give attendees the confidence they need to register early, because they won’t be left high and dry if something hinders them from attending the event. This can help you better plan and manage your event logistics with a clearer picture of expected attendance numbers.

3. Customer Approved

Since launching Purchase Protection at RegFox, over 2 million event goers have added purchase protection to their orders. Event attendees keep raving about the relief they feel when they receive the check in the mail. They’re overjoyed to have this option available should the unforeseen happen.

Thousands of event organizers have already reaped the benefits of adding Purchase Protection to their pages, and you can, too.

4. Streamlined Cancellations

When an attendee adds Purchase Protection to their order, they’ll receive a separate confirmation and work directly with us. Then, if they have to cancel, attendees receive a separate check from Purchase Protection for the value of their entire registration. You don’t have to lift a finger. Our team handles the entire cancellation process and frees up the registration slot for resale. Yes, that means you can sell the same registration space twice and make double!

5. Easy Implementation

Adding Purchase Protection to your registration page is simple and quick. Here are the three main steps.

  1. From your event registration page editor in RegFox, add Purchase Protection from the list of page elements.
  2. Modify any colors, move to any part of the registration page, and click done.
  3. Publish your page and offer it to your attendees at any point in time.

This process does not take weeks to kick in. The RegFox team can help you add Purchase Protection to your account TODAY. 


Q: Is Purchase Protection an insurance policy? 

A: No, Purchase Protection is not an insurance policy. It’s a service that refunds registrants their event fees in full if an unforeseen circumstance—such as a health emergency or transportation failure—prevents them from attending your event.

Q: What situations are covered by Purchase Protection? 

A: Some of the most common requests for fulfillment include, but are not limited to, employment obligations, medical issues, legal obligations, transportation problems, severe weather issues, and family loss.

Q: How does Purchase Protection work?

When an unforeseen event arises that prevents an attendee from attending the event, the attendee submits a claim. Once a claim is submitted, the registration is canceled and put back into inventory—so you can sell the same registration space again! All Purchase Protection claims are handled by the Purchase Protection team. 

Q: How much does Purchase Protection cost?

A: Nothing! Purchase protection is free to you, but attendees will pay more for the coverage.

Q: Does Purchase Protection offer refunds for merchandise or donations?

A: No. While purchase protection provides a full refund on the registration cost, it does not include add-on experiences, merchandise, or donations. 

Final Takeaways

Purchase Protection is a win-win for both event organizers and attendees. It provides a safety net, spurs early registration, reduces financial risks, and allows you to enforce your no-refund policy. You can keep your budget intact without sacrificing customer satisfaction—a celebratory feat!

Add Purchase Protection to your registration page today and experience the benefits firsthand. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. 

Here to help you host your best events ever!

— The RegFox Team