Have you ever felt like the biggest brands and events had some secret technology or unfair advantage that allowed them to grow and stay ahead? Well, your suspicions were right. The biggest and most successful organizations do indeed do something different than the rest. 

Here’s their secret: They utilize 3rd party data to help them learn about their customers to grow their markets by spotting trends, discovering insights, and using hyper segmentation to market to their customers. 

Meaning, they have special tools that reveal aggregated demographic data, interests, and purchasing behaviors of their customers so they can refine and improve their marketing message and efforts. The tools, brains, and budgets needed to pull this off have been reserved for the elite, but not any more. 

New from RegFox is a feature we call, Contact Insights – where we bring you all the same technology and tools used by the biggest brands and make them accessible to you for mere pennies (literally). 

In a first for the event registration industry, RegFox has partnered with one of the leading data enrichment providers in the world (the same one who powers multi-billion dollar companies) who can enrich your RegFox contact profiles with remarkable real-time, privacy-safe, consumer demographic data. 

Using over 50+ billion online and offline data points spanning 10 different categories, your contact profiles can be enhanced to contain actionable insights and trends such as demographic data, education status, income estimation, personal interests, past buying habits, and much more. 

Here's an anonymized snapshot for what an enriched contact profile looks like. 

Contact insights is a simple upgrade. You can enable it from your Contacts page and then our system will go to work upgrading as many of your contacts as possible in real time. After enriching your past contacts, all new registrants and attendees will get enriched in real time going forward. 

With this powerful tool, you’ll be able to identify trends and niches, find pools of interests, attract sponsors, and improve your event offering. You can segment your contacts using our powerful filtering tools and then export those segments and contacts for precision marketing efforts. 

Here are some questions you might have:

1: How does it work and how many of my contacts will be enriched?
When activated, the system will batch your contact database and will use either email or phone number to find a match with our partner. If a match is found, RegFox will update the contact profile with available information such as demographic information, interests, household data, income level, education status, and more. The actual number of contacts that find a match can range between 40%-65% depending on your industry and data. 

2: Where does the data come from and is it compliant with privacy laws?

The data comes from a trusted industry leader who aggregates consumer data from hundreds of sources through consented and permissioned data sets of publicly available records and sources. The method and technology used to augment your data is in compliance with all US privacy laws and is in compliance with GDPR. RegFox and our trusted partner also abide by the same controls and procedures for opt-outs and anonymization processes consistent with privacy laws.

3: What is the cost to us Contact Insights?

Contact Insights is an optional upgrade to your RegFox account and costs $9 a month + 10 cents per match. Meaning you only pay for records that can be enriched. When activating contact insights, there will be a one-time fee to enrich past attendees based on successful matches, then new matches are billed monthly. 

4: What are the best ways this technology can help my event?

The aggregated and individualized data will reveal numerous insights about individual registrants as well as empower you to filter your entire customer data set by those various insights. This will illuminate trends and pockets of niches you never knew about plus help you find large interest pools within your customers. You can create tailored offers, communication, and messaging those specific segments by exporting the contacts associated with your filters. Further, you can attract sponsors by providing demographic and interest data you would otherwise have no knowledge about and can improve your event experience by what you learn. 

5: How do I start using it?

Simply login to your RegFox account and go to contacts. On the left side bar, you’ll be prompted to enable Contact Insights and will be guided the rest of the way. Your contacts will be enriched immediately and you should be able to enjoy the new data profiles within several minutes depending on your contact database. 

Well, sorry for the long email but we figured you would want to know about all the ins and outs of this incredible new feature and technology. 

To learn more about contact insights check out this article or reach out to our team and we'll help you enable this game changing feature!