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Calculator based RegFox fees at 99 cents a + standard credit card processing rates of 2.99%. Your rates may be even lower.

RegFox Is Different Than RegOnline

Out of the dozens of factors you should consider when choosing a registration company, we think these are the ones that matter most. Our aim is to give you more while costing you less. Take a few moments to scroll and see why RegFox is quickly becoming the leader in online registration software.

Unbeatable Pricing!

Like you, we’re sick and tired of complicated, and overpriced fees.
Our Pricing is 99 cents per registrant. Free Events are Free.

Standard credit card fees for any paid transactions. We work with Wave Payments who charges a flat fee of 2.99%.

YOU Keep All Processing Fees

Do you want to charge a “processing fee” or a “convenience fee”?  It’s up to you, but you keep 100% of it!  We charge a low flat rate, but you can charge whatever you want.  It’s not unusual for an event to generate tens of thousands in additional bottom line profit by keeping the processing fees.

Customer Support that Rocks!

Great support shouldn’t be a lost art. We have an amazing team of people who love what they do, and care about our customers.
But don’t take our word for it…

“The main reason we love Webconnex is the spectacular customer service experience. The support team isn’t just a service that we pay for every month, they are an integral part of our team and our mission.”

“Our experience with the Webconnex staff has exceeded our expectations. Their knowledge and ability to adapt and provide solutions to our unique customer registration demands makes them a valuable part of our team”

“I love the system and love you guys. You’re all so great to work with!”

“It has been a huge help to us and the customer service has been fantastic. I’m so glad we switched to you guys!”

“The whole staff is courteous, flexible, communicative, and customer service-oriented. My experience with every aspect of this organization has been awesome. We’re so happy we are working with them and will continue to use this product for years”

“The customer service experience was outstanding. Timely responses, great feedback, and ease of use made for an experience that I would recommend that anyone looking for registration services”

Your Customers Will Love That You Use RegFox

There is a reason why RegFox has the highest conversion rates.

Fast Registration with Zero Distractions

Other providers bombard your registrants with distracting promotions, cluttering banner ads, and endless steps. RegFox helps you have the fastest registrations possible without the shenanigans.

No Passwords Required

Who needs another password in their life? 90% of your customers would rather pay without creating an account. That’s why we never make your customers jump through hoops before paying you.

Mobile Centric

Few people know that mobile internet usage has taken over desktop internet usage. You can expect over 50% of your attendees to register and pay with their phone. Every single feature and technology has been made to perform perfectly and appear beautifully on every mobile device.

Latest and Greatest Technology

You are getting technology that leads the pack when it comes to performance, aesthetics, and scalability. That’s why you will get the highest conversion rates and the smallest abandonment rates with RegFox. We also have an API and loads of 3rd party integrations for you to manage your event like you want.


No Contracts, Setup Fees, or Cancellation Fees

We think contracts are as relevant as arranged marriages these days. With RegFox, you come and go as you please. It makes us focus on giving you the best product at all times to keep you happy. Besides, who wants to be stuck with a company you don’t want anyway? We think that’s a bad idea.

We also don’t give you unnecessary hurdles to get you in and we certainly don’t think it’s wise to make you pay a fee to leave. That’s so 2005.


No Branding Wars.
Your Logo is Center Stage.

You would think that some registration companies are very insecure about their logo being seen by your customers by the way they hog the branding. We sit back behind the scenes and give your customers a near seamless experience from your website to our secure registration servers.

You control the branding and nearly every detail of the registration experience while we sit quietly in the background.

You Own the Data. We Don’t.

RegFox is the single company that gives you complete ownership of everything.


You own it all without exceptions. You may be horrified to know that most registration companies don’t let you own your own data. Many registration companies will actually cross market your data to competing event organizers, while others will bombard your customers with solicitations and email spam. Several others won’t even let you export all your data. That’s just wrong.


Your data belongs to you. We won’t touch it, market it, harvest it, solicit it, or spam it. You can also export all of it at any time within 5 seconds.

Answers to questions you might be thinking

What is your pricing?

99 cents per paid attendee. Free events are no cost. That’s it. Pay as you go. Try to get that simple of an answer from any other registration company.

Why is your pricing so low?

Shouldn’t you be asking why every other company has crazy high and complicated fees? Our technology is so intuitive and easy, it enables us to have a smaller staff limiting the crazy overhead. You would not believe our staff to customer ratio. Oh, and we don’t have mountains of debt or shareholders to pay either.

Do you have any setup fees or contracts?

Nope, we think contracts are as relevant these days as arranged marriages. We believe in honest and straight forward pricing without the bullying of contracts and cancellation fees. You can come and go as you please with no fees for setup, cancellations, or commitments.

Do you have maintenance or service contracts?

This is software, not an air conditioning unit. We think it’s pretty silly how many companies charge you for support. You can call in, chat, email, or even stop by for free.

Can I Export All My Data any time I want?

Your data belongs to you and you do whatever you want with it. You are free to export your entire account history, data, and all your registrants to excel literally within seconds.

Can I use my own gateway? Or can you set me up with one?

Yes and Yes.

Your own gateway: We support 90% of the gateways on the market including Sage,, USAePay, SecureNet, First Data, Stripe, and many more.

If you need a gateway: Not only can we help you get one, we can make sure you get the best rates. We are your advocate when it comes to getting the best rates possible. Please see our pricing for more information on custom gateways.


How Do I Get Billed?

You get billed every 30 days to a card on file with us. We send you a summarized report of the registrants and charges for the period. You can also elect to have the registration fees taken out of each attendee’s payment should you like.

Do you have an API?

We sure do. Contact us for more information on the possibilities of working with our API.

Our History

RegFox is a product of Webconnex. We are a privately held company headquartered in Sacramento California founded in 2008 by John Russell and Eric Knopf. Our staff is 14 people (and growing) serving thousands of businesses who have processed over half a billion dollars with our technology.

Our Security

Every registration form is secured with 256 bit military grade encryption and is powered on our PCI compliant data network. We also back up all our data every single hour so you can always rest easy. We also utilize state of the art server infrastructure to be able to scale and meet our future growth needs.

Our Technology

We are built from the ground up with Go, JavaScript, and a lot of other amazing technologies. We are happy to geek out with anyone who wants to know more.